FAQ about service
1.How do our system works ?

We offer a FREE Online taxi request application platform to request Ahead of time a quote / invoice for services and transfers requested. Simple, You can order a taxi pickup from airports, hotel or cruise via e mail Free 24/7 from your smartphone , tablet or laptot and you will receive the quote/invoice from our pay pal invoicing system that will allow you to accept and pay online very conviniently. You will receive a confirmation with drivers name and contact phone to coordinate pick once your are in Puerto Rico. We also offer many tours available in Puerto Rico. Check tours link for more information.

2.How long it takes to get picked up by a driver. ?

That will depend on when did you requested service and if you have guaratee your request with payment. We recommend you request your service Ahead of time always. Free Online pickup requests are serviced in order received and we will do our best to respond on a timely fashion manner. Save TIme and Money plan Ahead of time and request your taxi accordingly. Drivers will use ipad or tablet with your name on to pick you up. We recommend you keep drivers name and telephone number handy and make sure your telephone have roooming. You can also call him at landing.

3. Can I pay service and tours with a credit card ?

Yes, any service requested can be paid with credit card with our paypal system, even if you dont have a pay pal account. You will receive a receipt of your transaction .

4.Are your rates the same as all taxis?

Our rates are competitive and are established according to researches made with tourist taxi drivers, independent and coop taxis as well. NOTE: some taxi drivers charge per trip and others use a per person formula , the amount of luggage, tolls, gas surcharge and pick up time are taken in consideration accordingly.

Check our rates link for more information.

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